5 Ways to Gain Back Your Curiosity!

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5 Ways to Gain Back Your Curiosity

When we were young, we wanted to see and feel everything. It was all new, even a stick in the grass would excite us!

Now, the only thing that excites us is… winning the Lottery. What happened to us?

We lost our sense of curiosity, we no longer have the urge to see and do new things. When new things arrive at our doorstep, the excitement fades away quickly.

Even worse, sometimes we don’t even take the opportunity to do new things. We would rather sit in the comfort of regular scheduled programming.

If you want more excitement and want to change the way you interact with the world. Here’s 5 ways to gain back your curiosity!

#1 - Think Like a Child

This can be a weird concept at first but if you have a child or have family and friends with them, this will be easy.

Next time you are around a child, simply watch them live. That’s it, yes they live. They do not work, they do not think.

If only adults knew how to live instead of work. Well, we need to work so lets try and live when it’s possible.

Notice how children interact with everything, the way they view the world. If you watch their eyes, you will notice how big they get when they are excited.

It might be going down the slide at the park or a bug in the grass. Maybe a snowflake falling on their tongue. It doesn’t matter what it is, they always find excitement in the smallest things. That is the point.

When was the last time a bug or a snowflake made your jaw drop?

# 2 – Why?

Being curious is all about asking the right question.

That question is “why?” and there can be many different “why” questions.

When you do this, your thought pattern changes. Over time your curiosity will start to ask “why” more often.

When you ask yourself this question, you have a desire to find the answer and this builds a curious mindset!

In order to think like this you need to ask “why?” in all aspects of your life.

You can practice this on your way to work or school.

  • why? am I driving this vehicle?
  • why? is the bus yellow?
  • why? is the sun warm?
  • why? is there advertisements everywhere?
  • why? did I eat breakfast this morning?
  • why? does my teacher give me so much homework?

These are some examples, start to ask “why?” and see where it takes you.

#3 – Find Your Passion

Now some of you may already have a passion but I encourage you to super charge it!

For those of us who are still searching for their passion. Ask yourself, what brings you joy!

Then do that, until you run out of ways to do it.

If you are passionate about something, you will always be trying to learn more. You will ask questions and seek answers.

This is your curiosity flowing, try to find this inside you by asking “What do I enjoy?”

#4 – Find Curious People

If you are having trouble finding the curiosity inside yourself, look for curious people around you.

These people already have a passion and have been using “why?” questions for some time now.

This means that they would be happy to share their insights. Especially with someone that is trying to build their curiosity.

Try asking someone “why?” they are so curious all the time.

They might say something along the lines of, “I have always been this way” or they may even suggest thinking like a child.

Any advice is good advice. This will help you relate to them and build a connection.

#5 – Write it Down

If you having trouble with finding your curiosity throughout the day, schedule time for it.

If you don’t have a planner or calendar, I highly recommend it!

In your planner, schedule as little as 15 minutes or up to an hour and dedicate that time to engage your curiosity.

This means no distractions, take this time to be alone. Find a quite place or even a cafe.

What do you do? It is simple, start asking yourself questions.

Ask anything you want. Whatever comes to your mind.

Now search for these answers, read what others have to say.

Take notes, learn and retain the knowledge.

Don’t forget to enjoy this time! It is your time to question the world and question your brain.

If things feel weird then you’re doing it right!

Keep going and building!!!

Final Thoughts

Being curious can be difficult because our brains are constantly flooded with streams of information. This causes us to be stimulated all the time, with little room to really think about things.

It will be a hard process to change your thought pattern into a more curious one.

Although if you can dedicate time in your day to use these tips, I know you will be able to start to building a more curious brain.

This will lead you on many new adventures!!!

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