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Are you in the now, right now?

But of course I am here right now, what do you mean?

I am talking about being conscious of the present moment. Being aware of the life that is inside of you. Feeling everything. Even the air around you. Being aware of your breathing and your heartbeat.

This is the now, the present moment. It is where we all need to be.

Becoming Aware

If you are aware of your thoughts, listen to them. What are you thinking about? Is it the past or is it the future?

Depending on your current life situation, it will be one or the other. Maybe you are feeling lonely and are reminiscing about some good times with friends.

Or possibly you have a big event coming up and it’s all you can think about. You want to skip everything leading up to it!

If you are aware of these thoughts, hold on to them for a minute.

Are these thoughts happening to you right now?

If you are thinking about the future, these thoughts are made up. Your brain is trying to get an understanding of what might happen to you. This is to prepare itself for when the moment does come.

When it happens, that is when it becomes reality. Everything leading up to that event was all a fictional story inside your head.

Do you understand this? When you think about the future, you may have feelings and emotions. Although the seem real, they are not.

This is because your brain does not like to travel into the unknown. It wants to be prepared for what is to come.

This happens unconsciously, it is how humans are programmed. These thoughts, as well as thoughts from the past are hard to stop.

The past comes into our heads many times, with good and bad memories. It all depends on you.

The past comes in when your brain finds a void in its thought process. If you are feeling happy, your brain will find happy memories to keep feeling happy.

It will search your experiences and find something that has already made you happy. Then play that movie in your head.

Pretty cool eh?

But what happens when you are sad or depressed?

The exact same thing, but this time it is not in your favour.

Once you have a pattern of these negative thoughts. Your brain craves them, just like the happy ones. It does not know which is happy and which is sad. It just knows what it needs and supplies the power.

This is why when you are sad, all the sad memories will flood into your head and they will continue until there is some shock to the system to stop the movie.

Finding The Now

That shock is the NOW.

The now is right smack in the middle of past and future, the neutral point.

It does not need anything it is just the NOW.

How do I find the NOW?

Take a minute to sit alone in a room with the door closed. To be in the present moment, you must not think of past or future.

Start by bringing attention to your breath. Feel the air going into and out of your lungs. Focus on how your body reacts to each breath.

You may need to close your eyes for this.

Now keep your attention on your breath. Open your eyes if they are closed.

Bring your attention to what surrounds you. Where are you? What do you see?

Are you still conscious of your breathing? Or did a thought come into your head?

If you started thinking, don’t worry! Restart again by focusing on your breath.

When you are looking at things around you, there is no need to process it or understand it.

All you need to do is see it and hear it. What is it though?

IT is the now, the present.

It does not have a name because it is nothing. No-thing.

But nothing is just a name to define it.

The now can not be described or named, it can only be seen or felt by humans.

When it is felt, there are no worries. No problems, no thoughts. You just are!

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