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We see people every day with it but what is it, what is confidence?

It is something we strive for, something we live for. Yet most of us don’t even know how to become confident. Is it even possible to gain confidence? If so how can we do it?

Confidence is something we all have within us, we are born with it. For some of us, it comes easy and for others it is so far away that we don’t even think it exists.

If you are one of these people who think that confidence is not within your reach. There are ways to get closer and ways to becoming a confidence beast!

Now these ways are not easy, nor will they take a week to complete. You need to practice these tasks and games like any other thing you are good at.


Everyone has a dominant hand, whether it is right or left it does not matter. Think of how easy and how often you brush your teeth.

I brush my teeth twice a day (most days). The next time you brush your teeth, try brushing with your non dominant hand.

No tell me, how hard was it?

For me it was extremely hard, I could not get my non dominant hand to do what I wanted. I kept focusing really hard to try and make my hand do the small motions. I was unsuccessful and very frustrated.

This is because our whole lives we have been using our dominant hand. Every day!

If only we could practice being confident every day. Oh wait we can! It is that easy and you will see the same effect with brushing your teeth.

The key factor here is time and practice but practice is hard and no one has time for it, Right? Well consider how little time you spend brushing your teeth. One minute? Two minutes? Say five minutes every day.

Doesn’t seem like a lot does it? Then why is it so hard for us to do this?

This sort of thing can be extremely difficult. You may have a lot of negativity inside your head that is hard to ignore.

Remember that the mind works on repetition. If you go to the gym four times a week for three months, you might gain 5 pounds of muscle. You can’t gain that five pounds of muscle after a single workout, no matter how hard you workout.

Confidence works the same way; you need to keep forcing it into your daily lifestyle. Over time it will get stronger and stronger. Just like going to the gym, except it’s for your brain… the brain gym.

Brain Workout

Like any gym there are multiple different exercises you can do in order to work out your body and the brain gym is the exact same. There are a multiple of different exercises you can do to work out your brain. Let us focus on confident exercises for now.

Confidence means appreciating yourself, appreciating what you have and what you have done. Think for a minute what a confident persons thoughts might be.

Maybe something along the lines of; I like myself. I worked hard to get here and I deserve this. There is no reason not to be happy. I can do anything I want.

Do these sound familiar or foreign to you? If they sound foreign then start saying them in your head. And keep saying them because the mind works on repetition and you need to take your brain to the gym.

If you keep doing this, you will start to believe these thoughts and become the confident person you want to be.

You will start to notice that you are in a better mood and more willing to do the things you enjoy.

Then you will keep working out your brain and become stronger everyday.

It is amazing how doing just a little each and every day can have such a large impact on you.

The more you know, the more confident you become. If you have the knowledge, you don’t have to question yourself.

Although you might not start as confident as you would like, it will build.

Then you can start challenging yourself to gain more confidence.

Once you have that confidence, you will notice a lot of changes in your life. Not only will you have great people in your life but you will have amazing life experiences.

All of this comes from confidence. Practice and try to push your boundaries.

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