Temporary Satisfaction

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The next time you have a shower, turn the nozzle all the way to cold. Yes all the way!

Now get in and have a quick shower.

Give this a shot and think of it as rejuvenation; like going for a massage.

But being cold does not sound rejuvenating at all?

Think After Rather Than Before

Did you have a cold shower? What do you notice by the end of your shower? I am sure you noticed how your body adjusted to the cold.

Our bodies are very good at adjusting to changes in temperature. Once you get out of the shower, your body starts to warm up.

It will do this over a period of time and you will slowly feel more and more energy.

Start to focus on what you can do now; that will make you feel better after.

Have this mindset while you read this post.


Think of the money you are literally throwing down the drain. But Jordan, I rent and all utilities are included.

What about when you have to pay your own bills? It is good to build these habits now so when you do have your own place you do not need to worry!

Lets talk about having a hot shower. First you let it warm up. Then you have a long shower because you love the warming sensation.

It is not all about the money, let’s focus on feelings. I know no one likes to talk about their feelings, just bare with me here.

Now think about how you feel before, during and after a hot shower.

Before, you are looking forward to warming up in with a hot shower and you picture yourself relaxing in the warmth.

During the shower, you feel good because of the warmth. You spend more time in there because you know that you wont feel as good when you get out.

After you get out of the shower; you feel cold because your body was adjusted to that hot temperature and now it needs to cool itself down.


These types of experiences satisfy you temporarily. They give you a quick and easy shot of joy but then lead you to crash after.

This is called temporary satisfaction and it is something you need to be conscious of. When you feel the need for a pick me up and you use these. Be aware of its shortness.

How long is temporary? To me it is anything under 15 minutes.

Something that takes less than 15 minutes and requires no effort on your part. It makes you feel good but only during that short amount of time.

That is temporary and it is not benefiting you.


Before I get in the shower, I am thinking about how cold the water will be.

I try to prepare my body for what it is about to go through. This means trying to warm up my body mentally, before getting into the shower.

This is a great practice to do in any situation. Consider what you are about to endure and focus on the benefits of it.

Now once I get in the shower, there is the initial shock from the cold water. My body reacts quickly and I feel it warming up.

This forces me to be aware of how my body is feeling; therefore I am in the moment.

Part way through the shower, I don’t even notice how cold the water is.

Sometimes I wonder if I have it on the coldest setting, I will turn it colder if I feel the need to. My body has adjusted to the right temperature in order for me to survive.

After I survive a cold shower, I feel as though I can conquer the world! This may seem far fetched but, who cares?

If there is anything in life, that you can do to help you get through a day. Which makes you happy and more successful, do it! A cold shower might not seem like much but it sure does wake me up and get me motivated.

You Can Do It

This is where you come in; you need to overcome that fear of the cold water.

This takes a lot of energy because you do not like the cold and will avoid it at all costs. You need to fight back and tell yourself that you will be alright.

Again, focus on how you will feel after and use that to get your courage. Cold water is not something that will kill you instantly.

Let me say this, just in case! Hypothermia is real and be very cautious of staying in cold water too long.

Less than 10 minutes in a cold shower, you will not get hypothermia. (I am not a doctor) Let me specify here.

YOU DON’T NEED TO GO FULL ON COLD WATER, START SLOW AND GRADUALLY GO COLDER AND COLDER! Start slow and you will see the benefits long term.

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