Why Are You So Scared?

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Seriously though! Why is it that you literally scare yourself out of doing the things that you know you will enjoy and the things that will make your life so much better?

You convince yourself that whatever you want to do is too scary, yet you don’t even know the outcome. You think about all the bad things that could happen before they even happen.

I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who can predict the future! If you know someone ask them for the winning lottery numbers! Please!

Everyone wants to win the lottery right? Everyone has this false hope “if only I won the lottery” NO! Winning the lottery will not make your life any better because you still are not the best you, that you could be!


Everyone knows someone who is always negative. They can consistently find the worst in people or things. Always thinking of how bad things could be.

You will always have these thoughts but you don’t need to listen to them.

I have my Skydiving licence and many other adventures such as festivals and even a 19 day solo camping trips under my belt. What is the worst thing that has happened to me? On one of my camping trips a mouse made its way into my car and I had a road trip buddy for a couple days.

Big deal! I am still alive and healthy; I know my limits and what I am capable of.

You need to be safe in order to stay alive, NEWS FLASH! We don’t live in caves anymore! You don’t need to worry about surviving or where your next meal will come from. You have all you need to survive and you don’t even have to leave the SAFETY of your home.

Stay in bed, watch tv and order pizza. SAFE RIGHT?


Sure we all need to stay safe but let’s examine how safe you really need to be in today’s society.

Let us use a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being extremely unsafe with a high chance of death and 10 being very low risk and no chance of death at all.

10 would be staying home watching TV and ordering food.

1 would be eating rat poison.

I know some of you are saying there could be an earthquake and your roof could collapse on you, or even who in their right mind would eat rat poison.

This is where I need you to recognize how your brain reacts to fear. You will have an initial thought about a scenario and will then disregard any other options as valid.

For example, my thought of eating rat poison. How much rat poison would I actually have to eat in order to die?

But that’s how my brain works, as I am always curious and eager to learn more. No I am not silly enough to eat rat poison but my brain still want to understand this. Where your brain might automatically say rat poison equals death therefore I am not going anywhere near the stuff.

So consider next time when a thought comes into your head where on the rank does it land. For me a 5 is going skydiving, from personal experiences I can assure you on the safety of skydiving. You have a reserve parachute, and that reserve is guaranteed to open at 1000 ft if anything goes wrong, and the reserve will even open if you are unconscious.

And the only reason I consider it to be a 5 is because there is still a possibility of injuring yourself when landing, which then could get infected and you could die from it if you don’t go to the hospital in time. See how far of a stretch this scenario is?

So think to yourself; what do you consider a 5? Or is everything a 10?

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