The Brain Game

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Every day is a battle… a battle against your brain. Some of us are aware of this battle, others have yet to become aware. Think of your brain as a game.

A game that can be won but it can also be lost. This is part of life. It is how we play this game that affects who we become.

How many times have you said

  • If only…
  • I wish I could…
  • I would but…
  • I really want…

This is a constant battle between you and your brain. But how does the brain work?

The brain works on repetition; has anyone told you “practice makes perfect”?

Then why don’t you listen? There is an underlying cause for this and you are not the only one.


The fact is practice is not comfortable. And your brain craves comfort but its purpose is to solve problems.

Now everyone wants to feel good about themselves and our brain will do whatever it takes to achieve this feeling.

And when we strive to better ourselves our brain fights back, it will make up thins like “I want to be active but I don’t have time”. To be honest who has said this before, or something like this. This is your brain winning the game, you convince yourself that its okay to not go to the gym. Your brain is trying to convince you that because of reason “ABC” you don’t have to go to the gym, your brain is telling you “Let’s just stay at home and be comfortable watching TV”.

Remember your brain will only put time and energy into the things that have a known outcome, things that you constantly do. Simply wanting to go to the gym 3 times a week is not going to get you anywhere. Your brain needs to be conditioned to work out it needs to learn how to work out, and that takes time.

Now lets think back to when mankind lived in caves and had no technology. I know, sounds crazy right? But back then our brains only had one objective survive. This meant that having a safe shelter, food and, water, was all that we could think about it. Now lets take watching Netflix for example, its easy to do and gives us the mental stimulation that makes us feel comfortable.

But here is the trick your brain plays on you, although your brain is happy watching Netflix you are not. Remember your brain is made to solve problems, and when you do not use your brain for what it was designed to do it will let you know.

Fight Back

Every time you watch Netflix your brain wins, and your brain keeps score. Just like in any game the more your brain scores, its harder to fight back and take the lead.

So how do we fight back how do we beat our brain? Well if this is all new to you then start SLOW and ease yourself into it.

You will need to start a long term battle with your brain and focus on the positive outcomes that you desire.

Keeping with the movie theme, try and notice how you feel before, during and after watching. Think about why you even decided to watch a movie in the first place. Were you bored? Maybe it helps you fall asleep?

Consider the why and challenge your thoughts, being aware of your thoughts can lead you on the path to taking the lead back and start winning the brain game.

And let’s be honest everyone likes to win!

So why not with the most important game of all? The Brain Game!

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