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Here are 5 interview questions and answers that I have used in almost all of my interviews. The answers have changed over time but these are the most recent. Underneath each answer is how the employer might receive what I have said. There are many more questions below and ways to prepare for your next interview. Make sure to check out the links below for some additional content on improving your interviews(Top interview questions asked by employers, Interview Preperation, Interview Preperation Checklist).

Tell Me About Yourself!

I am in the early stages of my career and I have worked hard to get here. I graduated in 2016 from college with a 3.72 GPA and received my Wind Turbine Technician Diploma. I work well in a team setting and am focused on making my vision a reality. I am always trying to better myself. I do this by getting help from others and trying my best to learn from them. I am not one to sit idle and waste time. I am always wanting to do what is best for the company. I work well with my hands and learn the best by doing so. Improving not only myself but those around me is a strong passion of mine!

What this says to the employer: I prove that I work hard with my GPA being in a higher bracket. By graduating it shows that I can commit and dedicate at least 2 years to something. I am on a mission and do not let others bring me down. I am here for the company and want to make it successful.

What is your greatest weakness?

I am always rushing! I know that I only have so much time in a day and this is why I get up at 4:30am every morning and go to bed at 10:30pm. In most things I do, I try to get them done quick so I can move on to my next task. I am now bringing awareness to this and slowing myself down. I realized that by slowing down, planning and then doing. I end up saving more time. Yes this takes extra time but it gets me in the right mindset to achieve the success I want. This is a continuous self development process and I am trying to improve every day!

What this says to the employer: I am aware of myself and am always trying to improve. I not only notice but I am taking action to fix it. Reassuring them that I am continuing this practice shows them I am willing to make a committed effort.

What is your greatest strength?

Adaptability. As I have gained more experience in my personal and work life. I have constantly had to adapt to changing environments. Being able to work with all different kinds of people is something I am proud to say I enjoy and succeed at. I am also able to follow instructions and troubleshoot ideas. By being put in more situations I will increase my adaptability. At my current job, I am always travelling and with travel comes a lot of adaptability. I needed to find a balance in what I bring with me and adjust to all the new places I am going. I believe time is the greatest way to build strengths, I look forward to building my strengths and turning my weaknesses into strengths in the future.

What this says to the employer: I am confident in myself. I have experience in this and tell them exactly how I have gained that experience. I am also showing that I can become even stronger by turning my weaknesses into strengths in the future. By showing that I want to grow and develop, the employer wants to hire me. They think I will become better, help others and in turn help the company.

Why should we hire you?

My positive attitude and passion for growth. These are two things I have over the rest of the candidates. Sure they might have more experience but by investing in me now. The long term gains will out way the short term. I don’t want to meet the expectations, I want to climb over them. It bothers me when people say “We get paid by the hour” because I want to make my work meaningful. By not sitting idle and always trying to improve, I will become better each and every day.

What this says to the employer: I am showing why I am different then all the other candidates by giving a comparison. This shows extreme confidence and really gets the employer to think. Not many people have this mindset and this is another reason I stand out.

How do you handle pressure?

I break it into pieces because it is easier to handle a bunch of small tasks than a large one. If I am beginning to get overwhelmed I will make sure to ask others for help. By letting thoughts out of my head and listening to a different opinion. I can reevaluate my current situation and format a better plan. If I have deadlines to make, I make sure to schedule each task in order of its importance. By doing this I am able to manage my stress and get the job done in a timely manor.

What this says to the employer: I know myself and how I react to extreme environments. They can see I have been able to do this before and know what works best for me. It shows them when times get tough, I won’t panic and runaway.


Now all of these are answers I have actually used to get myself jobs but along with them I have stories to tell. Since I have had so many amazing experiences in my life, I usually try to relate them to the question. If you don’t have a lot of experiences, don’t worry; try to think of anything that might relate, even a story when you went on a road trip with your buddies. Or maybe you won the 100m dash in high school. There are a lot of things you can use, you need to look deep and find these stories. If you can’t think of any then tell them you don’t have experience in this situation. They will ask you a different question later that might give them the same answer they were looking for. Remember to practice your stories too!

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