5 Tips to Stay Healthy on Halloween

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Tip 1 Saying No.

This is where you need to set limits for yourself. Set a goal for how much candy or chocolate you want to eat. Then focus on that throughout the day.

Some good ways to prevent this is to hide your candy to avoid any temptations you might have. Or by challenging yourself not to eat so much candy.

This can be difficult because sugar is very addicting. You have one chocolate bar then you want 6 more and a bunch of candy.

When you overcome your challenge not only will you feel great but your body with feel better because your are not fuelling it unhealthy food.

Tip 2 Eating healthy throughout the day.

By eating healthy throughout the day, your body will be fuelled with the proper energy that it needs. Because you have been eating healthy your body will be less likely to crave sugar for a source of fuel.

When you get craving and want to binge on some treats… Trail Mix!!! I eat this all the time! It really satisfies all of my cravings because I get that crunchy chewiness with the nuts and the dried fruit. The nuts provide good fat to fill me up and the dried fruit provides sugar to settle my sweet tooth.

Try to satisfy these cravings with something healthy you enjoy!

Before all of the Halloween activities begin, I like to cook my favourite healthy dinner. This will fill me up and help me not think about candy or chocolate. Check out the recipe I made for this halloween.

Veggie Salad Recipe

Tip 3 Recovery

We all make mistakes and have bad days. If you ate a bunch of candy or chocolate, it is okay.

Lets focus on how to get back on track so we can continue having a healthy lifestyle. Feeling bad about what you ate will not help you to eat better.

Staying positive about a healthy lifestyle and continually eating healthy will help you to recover. Along with being active and drinking lots of water, we can do our best to recover from bad decisions.

Tip 4 Walk but Don’t Trick or Treat

Everyone is out walking, join them! Dress up and just walk. No need to go door to door.

Walking is a great way to get your blood flowing and burn of some sugar. It is a light workout and it may not seem like much but it is better than doing nothing.

This will be a great time to see all the great costumes because you will not be focused on getting as much candy as possible.

Tip 5 Treat Yourself to Your Favourite Candy

We are not perfect. This is where you are allowed to have a treat but make sure to limit yourself!

Maybe you have a favourite chocolate bar or candy. Save it for the end of night and make sure to savour it!

You worked hard all day and you deserve a little treat but just one! And remember you don’t want to do too much damage to yourself.

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